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Applied Education, Investment in Social Skills for Better Social Economic Results, Vasileva A., M. Tripunoski, A.Nikolovski, Proceedings of the IV International Conference on Economic Development and Standard of Living, Banja Luka, EDASOL-2014

Investing in education and development of knowledge and skills is an important incentive for raising the economic growth and competitiveness of each country on the labor market. The skills are part of the educational capacity which aim at increasing the productivity of labor, stimulating the long-term growth through innovation, adding new values to production and fitting the labor market to the real needs of the working environment. Practically oriented curricula, teaching by means of case studies and guest lecturers from the real business, learning by doing and on-the-job-training are just a part of the new methods in the educational programs that have to be applied.


The main task of this paper is to answer the question whether a certain country being a part of the information society is prepared for the future where the new model of education meets the demand for individuality, creativity, innovation, humanity and social awareness.