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Contemporary Forms of International Business – Vassileva, A., NBMG, Sofia, 2010

Antoaneta Vassileva - Contemporary Forms of International Business – Vassileva, A., NBMG, Sofia, 2010

Vassileva, A., NBMG, Sofia, 2010


The monograph provides an analysis of the most frequently used international business operations in Bulgarian and international practices. It is a natural continuation of the monograph entitled International Business and Globalization by Associate Professor A. Vassileva, Ph.D. The aim thereof is to present a more modern view on the basic forms of realization on the international market under the conditions of globalization rather than repeating well-known theoretical statements. The different perspective is expressed in the selection of applied aspects for the research of international transactions. The monograph pays attention to features that are of significance in the decision making process concerning the choice of a strategy for going international. The monograph examines traditional and integrated foreign trade and international economic operations, such as export, import, and compensation deals, license agreements, franchise deals, concession agreements etc. The international business activities based on investment cooperation are presented in the form of direct foreign investment, joint ventures, deals of the В.О.Т. type (build – operate – transfer), turnkey contracts, etc.

Less-known and accordingly less examined forms of international business, such as global sourcing, including outsourcing and offshoring, various modes of public-private partnership etc., are of particular interest.