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International Business and Globalization – Vassileva, A., NBMG, Sofia, 2010

Antoaneta Vassileva - International Business and Globalization – Vassileva, A., NBMG, Sofia, 2010

Vassileva, A., NBMG, Sofia, 2010


The aim of this monograph is to analyze the development of international business under the conditions of globalization. It focuses on the behavior of separate business entities – international companies, small- and medium-sized enterprises and newly established international companies, the so called global entrepreneurs – how they integrate in the globalization process and how they utilize the opportunities offered by the global market. Attention is paid to the company’s decision to become a “global player” and respectively to the strategies it develops and implements. The monograph also considers the relation between scientific and technological achievements, e-business, and globalization.


The paper comprises five thematic units, each focused on the topic of globalization. The themes of the separate chapters are as follows:


    • Chapter One presents the main categories and trends in international business;
    • Chapter Two concerns the theoretical foundations of international business and the reasons for the companies’ internationalization;
    • Chapter Three is dedicated to globalization and its impact on international business;
    • Chapter Four offers an assessment of the opportunities offered by the global market;
    • Chapter Five deals with the strategy for turning a company into a global one.


Applying an interdisciplinary approach, the monograph includes topics closely related to the use of information and knowledge as valuable resources in establishing global companies and consolidating corporate social responsibility and global leadership.


Further development of the topic under consideration may be found in the monograph entitled Modern Forms of International Business.