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International Competitiveness of Export-oriented Industries in Bulgaria – Vassileva, A., Petkov, V., Zhelev, P., Chinese Business Review, Volume 13, Number 1, 2014

 The aim of the paper is to present and analyze the results of a research on the competitiveness of Bulgarian export-oriented sectors in the 2002-2012 period.


The study examines the concept of competitiveness, identifies the main competitive advantages of different export-oriented industries in Bulgaria, and delves into the specific challenges to competitiveness they face. These sectors include metallurgy, machine building, the chemical industry, clothing and textiles, furniture, wine production, tobacco, and the food processing industry. The employed methods of analysis are both quantitative and qualitative.


Results show that the country’s international competitiveness has gradually improved but still remains at a comparatively low level. Bulgarian producers compete mostly on the price, invest very little in R&D, rely on low labor costs, and produce goods with low added value.


The paper concludes by putting forward some recommendations for boosting Bulgaria’s international competitiveness which are aimed at key stakeholders: companies, central and local government, and institutions promoting cooperation