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Marketing in the European Union and After-effects for Bulgarian Business – A.Vassileva, Vizione, N.15, 2010

This paper endeavors to set out a structured approach to what is conveniently called “Euromarketing”, a process designed to assist businesses to progressively expand into new markets in other countries within European Union in a consistent and cost effective manner. The survey relies on desk and field research and analysis made by SPSS method. It has been written on the basis of evidence gathered from managers of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from Bulgaria. The main objective of the study is to outline the Euromarketing mix; to discuss the product, distribution, price and promotion strategies in their eurocontext and to point out the benefits and pitfalls for the Bulgarian companies under the conditions of the EU. The lessons to be learned appear to be of direct relevance to all the European managers who are trying to come to grips with changing business environment in which they operate.