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Dear all,


This is the website of Professor Antoaneta Vassileva, Ph.D., lecturer at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE). It provides useful information for students, Ph.D. students, postgraduate students, and for anyone who is interested in international economics and business.


Antoaneta Vassileva is Professor of Global Economics and International Economic Relations at the International Economic Relations and Business Department at the UNWE. She was Dean of the International Economics and Politics Faculty from 2011 until 2014.


She has delivered lectures at universities in Poland and Japan.


She specialized in International Management and Marketing at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE), Barcelona (1997), City University Business School – at present Cass Business School, London (1997 and 1998), Asia-Pacific University in Beppu, Japan (2005), International Academy – F+U, Berlin (2005), and at the Associazione Retericerca, Turin (2006).


Professor Vassileva holds a Ph.D. in Economics (Bulgaria, 2000) and a Ph.D. in Business Administration (USA, 2002).


To learn more about Professor Vassileva, access her CV.


Here you will find curricula and course materials: cases, semester papers, and results from examinations in the following classes:


  • International Business Operations: Part One and Part Two (Bachelor’s Degree Program)
  • International Business Operations: Part One (Bachelor’s Degree, in English)
  • International Business (Master’s Degree Program)
  • Regional Practices in International Business (Master’s Degree Program)
  • International Business: Regional Practices (Master’s Degree with English language teaching)


Annotations of Professor Vassileva’s latest publications as well as publications in co-authorship can be found on the website.


Antoaneta Vassileva

Monographs and textbooks as follows:


  • Marketing: Prospects for Today’s Business
  • International Competitiveness of Export-Oriented Sectors in Bulgaria
  • International Business
  • International Business and Globalization
  • Modern Forms of International Business
  • International Marketing
  • Public-Private Partnership: Business Aspects, Management, and Challenges
  • Communications in International Business
  • Global Management and Marketing: the Japanese Experience
  • Business Communication and Negotiation in International Business
  • Marketing and Management in Japan


Studies, articles, and reports on the following subjects:


  • Creating Innovation and Development of a New Product (Managing Innovations)
  • International Competitiveness of Export-oriented Industries in Bulgaria
  • Global Sourcing in International Business
  • Public-Private Partnership in the Field of Higher Education
  • The Debate on the EU Budget Reform and Bulgaria’s Contribution to it
  • Public-Private Partnership: Innovative Approach Favoring Innovations
  • Legal Regulation of the Public-Private Partnership and Public Awareness
  • Public-Private Partnership: Are There Formulas for Success? 
  • Necessary Changes in the Marketing Mix of Bulgarian Companies under the Conditions Set by the European Union
  • Marketing under the Conditions Set by the European Union and Necessary Changes for Bulgarian Business
  • Marketing in the European Union and After-Effects for Bulgarian Business
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Formulas for Success, Incentives, and Barriers


The website also comprises scientific research projects, in which Professor Vassileva has participated.


You can also find information about current events, a gallery, and public appearances, in which Professor Vassileva has participated.